Wild Rows is an authorized distributor of Eagle Pump and Compressor products, including the Eagle air compressor. We carry an extensive line of reciprocating air compressors, screw compressors, complete compressor systems, air dryers, and compressed air dryers. Our inventory includes new compressors and reconditioned equipment and parts available for emergency installation.

We also provide repair and scheduled preventative maintenance to keep compression systems running with minimal downtime. Wild Rows certified technicians can perform mechanical maintenance and repair on-site or in-house, depending on the job and the system.

Benefits of Partnering with Wild Rows

For over two decades, Wild Rows has established a reputation as a reliable Eagle Pump and Compressor distributor and service provider. We work with companies in a wide range of industries such as manufacturing, oil and gas, chemical, electronics, hospital, food and beverage, and mining – wherever compression systems are an integral component in a company’s operation. There are several benefits to partnering with Wild Rows, including:

Flexible Maintenance and Repair Options

Workflow continuity is key to production and sustained business growth. Equipment failure creates unnecessary downtime, lost productivity, and revenue. As such, repair and maintenance efficiency is crucial to reducing production interruption. Wild Rows provides maintenance options such as scheduled preventative care, on-site repair, and in-house repair that contributes to operational stability.

Convenient Locations

Wild Rows team of 35 certified technicians are available from locations across Alberta and Western Canada. Trained professionals arrive promptly in service trucks fully equipped with all the tools and parts necessary to perform the job on-site. Responsive support is on-call 24/7 to prevent any delays in service.

Eagle-Certified Training

All Wild Rows Journeyman technicians undergo rigorous manufacturer training, which certifies them to assess and repair all Eagle Pump and Compressor products. Ongoing training is mandatory, as Eagle develops new products with modern features and accessories.

Cost-Saving Solutions

Wild Rows is committed to helping companies reduce Eagle air compressor energy consumption, repair, and replacement costs. We schedule preventative maintenance on all parts according to manufacturer specifications. Preventative maintenance extends the life of all Eagle equipment and keeps it operating at peak performance each year.

Eagle Air Compressor Warranty Information

As compressor technology becomes more advanced, manufacturers now require that authorized service providers perform maintenance and repairs on all equipment. Consequently, a technician that does not carry manufacturer certification on specified products may void the warranty if they perform service.

Eagle Pump and Compressor warranties all products for 12 months against defective materials and workmanship only. The manufacturer warranty covers individual parts 90 days from the date of the sale. Companies must submit a defect report to the seller in writing within 30 days of identifying the issue. The report must include the serial number, model number, type of equipment, and date of purchase.

Eagle’s obligation under warranty is to repair or replace the product or defective part. Eagle may choose the authorized warranty center or service provider. The company may also request that the customer return the defective part so that they can inspect it.

Eagle warranties do not cover improper use/application, consequential damage, repair costs that exceed the warranty limit, worn equipment, transport damage, or service charges from unauthorized/non-certified service providers. The warranty also does not cover neglect. Owners must provide reasonable maintenance according to the manufacturer’s schedule and specifications.

Wild Rows is proud to be a leading service provider for Eagle Pump and Compressor pumps, air compressors, and gas compressors. To learn more about our new equipment, complete package purchases, or repair and maintenance services, call us at our Alberta location: 780.875.0650. You can also fill out the form on our contact page.