At Wild Rows Pump and Compression, we understand the importance of having dependable products that last. With one of the largest inventories in Canada, we are proud to offer clients throughout Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan access to our vast range of products from leading brands and manufacturers. Learn more about one of our spotlight suppliers, Deltech, as well as the benefits of partnering with Wild Rows below!

Sustainable, Energy Efficient Performance

SPX FLOW’s Deltech line is designed to provide optimal performance when it comes to air compression and drying. As a key component in instrumentation systems, and widely used across a broad range of industries and applications, reliable air compression and drying can help improve productivity, as well as reduce operating costs. SPX FLOW’s engineering leverages leading technological advancements to guarantee dependable performance and long-lasting durability for all of their products. Deltech products offer superior performance, lower maintenance, and a life cycle that ensures you get the most out of your investment.

Quality You Can Trust

Deltech’s parent manufacturer, SPX Flow places value on developing innovative designs that promote efficiency and longevity. The Deltech line is suitable for use in a wide range of industries including:

  • Laboratories
  • Food Services
  • Power and Energy
  • Chemical processing and more.

Each product is built to protect the integrity and safety of your operation, as well as the equipment itself.

Deltech and Wild Rows

As an authorized Canadian distributor for SPX FLOW’s Deltech products, Wild Rows Pump and Compression has access to components and can easily import custom pieces as needed. Our team offers customers 24/7 service and can often source parts as quickly as 24 hrs to 2 weeks from regular distributors. To ensure future maintenance and upkeep of your products is simple, we are proud to offer both in-house and mobile repairs.

For all of your Deltech needs, contact Wild Rows today!