As industrial pump technology becomes more advanced, companies need to be proactive in maintaining equipment to ensure its longevity, safety, and performance. The best way to achieve this is by adopting a strict adherence to manufacturer specifications and industry regulations. Furthermore, it is vital that companies hire qualified service professionals who have the licensing and certification necessary to implement, repair, or upgrade industrial pumps. Companies hiring technicians without the proper credentials may experience a wide range of problems, including sudden equipment failure, loss of warranty coverage, additional expenses, or risk of injury/fatality.

Identifying Qualified Technicians

While word of mouth and reputation may be a good starting point for identifying qualified technicians, they cannot be the sole criteria. A company must practice due diligence by requiring proper documentation, including:

Industry Certification & Licensing

All service professionals that install, test, or maintain industrial pumps must register for a contractor license in Alberta, Canada. To receive a license, they must complete an approved trade program, pass certification testing, and participate in an apprenticeship. Any individual operating without a license or certification does so illegally, and puts customers at risk for significant issues.

Manufacturer Training & Certification

Industry certification does not guarantee that a technician is qualified to perform industrial pump repair on all brands and models. For this reason, manufacturers provide training and certification programs on their products. Once a technician completes the program, they are authorized to work on all brand products. Manufacturers offer ongoing training as they release new products.

Insurance & Workers Compensation

Companies that hire technicians to perform industrial pump repair must carry liability insurance and worker’s compensation. Liability insurance covers damage to a customer’s property and equipment. Worker’s compensation provides coverage for employee injuries. Without insurance, the customer may not receive compensation for equipment or property damages. In addition, the customer may be held liable for injuries that occur on their property.

Industry Experience

When vetting capable technicians for industrial pump repair, companies should hire trained, skilled, and adaptable tradesman that have achieved the level of Journeyman to Master technician. A Journeyman is an individual that has completed an apprenticeship and has at least two to three years of field experience.

Experienced technicians can install and maintain multiple types of industrial pumps in a variety of industries and work environments. They can work independently or as part of a team of professionals. Naturally, companies want to hire technicians that have the most experience working on a specified brand and model.

Professional Pump Repair from Wild Rows

Wild Rows offers comprehensive 24/7 industrial pump repair and maintenance services. With six locations across Alberta, our team of 35 licensed and certified Journeyman provides both on-site and in-house service on popular brands, including Gardner Denver, NOV, Integrated Equipment, DV Systems, Gorman-Rupp, and Eagle Pump and Compressor. We repair all equipment according to OEM specifications.

Our highly-trained professionals specialize in preventative maintenance to save companies time and money in repairs and part replacement. Scheduled maintenance can extend the life of the equipment while reducing downtime and improving productivity. We also provide prompt pressure truck and flush by pump repairs. Our parts department features an extensive inventory of new equipment, as well as custom-built packages that fit any pumping application. We also carry reconditioned pumps and parts for companies that experience emergencies and cannot wait for a new part to arrive.

Contact Wild Rows for Repair Services

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