When it comes to sourcing the required components, equipment, and resources needed for your operations, do you know the difference between partnering with a certified distributor versus a generic outside seller? Purchasing from the right distributor can save you future headaches by ensuring the necessary level of quality, product knowledge, and manufacturer support are readily available to your team as needed. As an authorized distributor for leading pump and compression brands like NOV, Eagle Pump and Compressor, Gardner Denver, and more, Wild Rows is Western Canada’s first choice for components and service. Learn more about the benefits of working with a certified distributor below!

Quality First

Authorized distributors are held to the highest standard by manufacturers. This ensures that all products offered are top quality and that you can trust the distributor’s components to perform exactly as promised.

OEM Accessibility

Finding OEM parts can often feel like a challenge, but partnering with certified suppliers can easily eliminate hassles. With readily available access to the manufacturer’s catalogue, distributors are able to source the OEM parts you need, typically with expedited shipping to minimize your wait for the product.

Product Knowledge

One of the most beneficial reasons to work with an authorized re-seller is their refined knowledge of all parts and components in their inventory. Part of the standard that manufacturers hold their distributors is to have innate knowledge about the products they stock. This means you that you can put your trust in the recommendations and information provided by the distributor, as well as their team.

Easy Access to Certified Repair Technicians

In addition to being knowledgeable about products from a sales side, distributors are also typically equipped to handle repairs and maintenance services that are considered under warranty by manufacturers. Knowing how each component is configured, as well as how they fit into overall systems and workflows makes for fast repairs that are sure to stand the test of time.


Finally, one of the foremost reasons to partner with an authorized distributor is the overall convenience. From knowing that they stock the parts you need, to having confidence in the sales staff as well as the repair team, choosing the right distributor can simplify your purchasing process and allow you to focus on the most important elements of running your own business.

About Wild Rows

Since 1997, Wild Rows has become one of Western Canada’s leading sources for pump and compression components. With one of the largest inventories on the market, our selection features core equipment used for a wide variety of applications, including Oil and Gas, energy, petrochemical, research and development, industrial, and more.

Learn more about the brands we carry, as well as our services by contacting Wild Rows today!