Industrial air compressors are an integral part of your business operation. Regardless of the application or what industry you are in, a worn out or damaged compressor can impede the operation of any machine or tool. Compressor repair is time-consuming and potentially expensive. The best way to avoid costly repairs or part replacement is preventative maintenance.

Wild Rows Pump & Compression offers ongoing preventative maintenance that helps you reduce repair costs and extend the life of your equipment. Below we look at some of the benefits of preventative maintenance and signs that you need professional compressor repair.

Why Preventative Maintenance Makes Sense

Compressors are the workhorse of almost any piece of commercial or industrial equipment. As a result, if you do not adequately maintain the compressor, multiple problems are likely to occur with your equipment. These problems can lead to thousands of dollars in lost productivity or combination repairs.

For this reason, we recommend ongoing preventative maintenance. There are several reasons why preventative maintenance makes sense, such as:

  • Maintenance keeps your system and equipment reliable.
  • Your system will perform at peak levels for more extended periods.
  • The equipment will last longer, reducing replacement costs.
  • Your team will experience less downtime that results from repairs.
  • Proper compressor maintenance prevents you from voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.

When assessing whether preventative maintenance is a smart choice, ask yourself:

“How much time, money, and productivity will my company lose if a faulty compressor were to bring my operation to a halt suddenly?”

Wild Rows Pump & Compression can help you develop a preventative maintenance program with scheduled service. You can customize the program based on your equipment and specific needs.

Signs That You Need Compressor Repair

A damaged compressor is not always easy to identify. As it slowly gets worse, you may recognize signs that you need compressor repair including:

Noisy Equipment

Some Compressors are naturally loud. However, they have a consistent volume and type of noise they produce. If you notice that the compressor is louder than usual or that it is producing a strange noise, it could indicate that you need to repair or replace it.

Low Air Pressure

Once the machine reaches a certain level of low pressure, you may not be able to operate it. If you notice that your equipment has low air pressure, then the compressor may be worn out. Once the compressor wears down, it is almost impossible to repair it. A replacement is nearly always necessary, depending on the equipment.

Blown Fuse or Breaker

A damaged compressor can overload an electrical system because the machine is pulling more electricity from the system to compensate. You may have to repair the compressor and replace the fuse to operate the equipment. If the problem persists after the compressor is repaired, an electrical circuit inspection may be necessary.

The Tank is Full

Although some machines have automatic drains, some equipment requires you to drain your air compressor tank daily manually. If you neglect to drain the tank, it may develop rust, corrode, or freeze up during the winter. Eventually, the tank may leak due to damage or warping. If you suspect damage, then contact a professional to inspect the tank and the compressor.

Thermal Overload

Compressors experience thermal overload when there is no proper ventilation around the unit. Long-term exposure to thermal overload will eventually damage the compressor. A technician can clean out the area and repair or replace the compressor as necessary.

Schedule Air Compressor Maintenance Today

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