Wild Rows specializes in custom packaged pump systems to accommodate individual pumping applications in various industries. Packaged pump systems offer convenience for companies that require products for multiple systems or applications. All equipment arrives in a single shipment or package.

Wild Rows can customize any package according to the customer specifications. Our extensive inventory includes reputable brands such as Gardner Denver, NOV, Integrated Equipment, DV Systems, Gorman-Rupp, and Eagle Pump & Compressor. Pump and compression equipment is available to match any job. We also provide comprehensive service on all packaged pump systems that we carry.

Benefits of a Packaged Pump System

Packaged pump systems serve a variety of purposes in various industries across all applications. As such, they present numerous benefits for companies, including:

Single-Source Procurement

Companies often source pumping system equipment and tools from multiple manufacturers or service providers. This method of procurement is time-consuming and may cause the customer to incur additional expenses. Packaged Pump Systems allow a company to procure all products from a single source.

Reducing the Carbon Footprint

Condensing pumps, accessories, and other parts into a single order drastically reduces carbon emissions and natural resource consumption. Packaged pump systems require less transportation, packaging supplies, tools, and equipment, thus, simplifying the process. Combined packaging offers a more sustainable solution and promotes environmental accountability.

Reduced Costs and Downtime

Identifying and locating all components necessary for a pumping system may lead to delays in production. If a company has to wait for all items to arrive separately, downtime may extend several weeks or months. Furthermore, companies may pay more per part with added shipping costs. Packaged pump systems solve these dilemmas by reducing shipping costs and saving companies in bulk orders.

Simplified Installation

Packaged Pump Systems typically arrive ready to install with minimal required connections. A complete package eliminates the hurdles that often occur when trying to assemble each component in the system. Wild Rows assembles and packages the system in a controlled environment before delivering them to the site. This minimizes start-up problems in the field.

Customized Implementation

Wild Rows develops complete and customized pumping systems according to customer specifications. We can integrate each system with an existing application to ensure desired outcomes. Customized implementation also guarantees that companies adhere to industry standards and regulatory code compliance. Our technicians can work in tandem with customers to fully integrate all equipment with each project individually.

Packaged Pump System Repair and Maintenance

Once the packaged pump system is in place, it is essential to provide ongoing maintenance and repair for all components. Preventative maintenance can extend the life of the pump and keep it working at peak performance. It also reduces repair and replacement costs and energy consumption, promoting a more efficient operation.

Wild Rows offers flexible maintenance and repair options that include both on-site and in-house service. With six locations across Western Canada, our manufacture-certified technicians can respond quickly to any service call in the Alberta area. Maintenance and repair is available 24/7 to provide service without delay. We are committed to helping companies save money by preventing major repairs that cause operation downtime. Furthermore, we schedule and perform all maintenance according to manufacturer specifications. This prevents a void in the warranty. Wild Rows technicians have the training and certification necessary to perform any job.

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