Eagle Pump and Compressor manufactures high-performance equipment for a broad range of applications in industrial environments. Products include pumps, air compressors, and gas compressors. Eagle exceeds national safety standards and currently holds a Certificate of Recognition (COR) by the Government of Alberta for health and safety systems.

As a leading distributor and service provider, Wild Rows partners with Eagle Pump and Compressor to deliver reliable machinery throughout the oil and gas industry. Our commitment to excellence has helped companies maintain workflow continuity, reduce costs, and increase productivity in all areas of operation. We help businesses find the right Eagle products for any commercial or industrial application.

Air Compression

Wild Rows offers an extensive line of Eagle compressors that supply adequate airflow to all equipment within the system. From the compression operation phase to the release operation phase, the right compressor can deliver precise volume and help maintain a smooth operation.

Products include reciprocating air compressors, screw compressors, compressor systems, air dryers, and compressed air dryers. All Eagle compressors match specified flow range, work environment, application, and safety requirements. In addition, each product comes with specialized features that optimize efficiency and ease of use.

Gas Compression and Vapour Recovery

Eagle Pump and Compressor designs and manufactures custom vapour recovery unit (VRU) packages for the oil and gas industry. Regardless of the application, Eagle can custom-build any unit to exact safety, performance, and equipment specifications. Companies can rely on units to eliminate harmful vapours that carry toxic and explosive properties. Eagle also ensures that all VRU products adhere to national environmental standards and government regulations regarding the recovery of fugitive emissions. New units now recover and compress toxic vapours, transitioning from the outdated practice of venting or flaring. It is a safer method that removes more than 95% of toxic vapours.

Liquid Handling

Pumps are essential for the displacement and transfer of various liquids. Eagle Pump and Compressor manufactures a complete line of pumps for the oil and gas, chemical, waste processing, and food industries. Pumps offer versatility to meet a wide range of specifications, including liquid, capacity, distance, pressure, material, and seals. Wild Rows carries Eagle products such as ANSI pumps, end suction, horizontal units, vertical in-line units, positive displacement pumps, sump pumps, and centrifugal multi-stage process pumps. Companies can choose products that handle a variety of liquids from light hydrocarbons to viscous crude oils. Eagle engineers all pumps for minimum service downtime and reduced maintenance costs.

Pump and Compressor Service and Maintenance

Workflow continuity is essential for a successful operation. As such, companies in a wide range of industries rely heavily on equipment and machinery to operate without fail. Wild Rows provides equipment repair and maintenance services to help businesses reduce downtime, mitigate costs, and retain production.

With a team of 35 journeyman technicians, fully-equipped service trucks, an in-house machine shop, expansive inventory, and six locations in Western Canada, Wild Rows can respond to any service call without delay. Clients have full 24/7 access to all of our services and products as needed. Furthermore, Wild Rows helps businesses save money and extend the life of their equipment with ongoing, scheduled preventative maintenance. In addition to new inventory, we also carry reconditioned pumps and parts for emergencies.

Contact Wild Rows for Parts and Service

Wild Rows is proud to be a leading distributor for Eagle Pump and Compressor pumps, air compressors, and gas compressors. To learn more about our new equipment, complete package purchases, or repair and maintenance services, call us at our Alberta location: 780.875.0650. You can also fill the form on our contact page.