If you need dependable filters for your mining equipment, Wild Rows is your trusted Deltech Filter distributor. Deltech filters deliver innovative technology and filtration solutions that work for your business. High-end filters reduce operational costs, improve equipment dependability, and lower energy consumption.

Regardless of the job, there is a Deltech filter for any pneumatic application. Let us help you boost your productivity and products while protecting your equipment. Wild Rows offers a complete line of Deltech filters that can contribute to the success of your mining operation.

Why Deltech Filters?

Dirt, rust, water scale, and fluids all leave particles and residue behind in air compressors. If left unprotected, contaminants can various damage parts, compromising the integrity of your equipment. Unwanted particles can also lead to premature wear and tear, which translates into additional maintenance and repair costs you didn’t budget for. In addition, dirty or oily water renders the in-line lubricators ineffective. Contaminants can also hinder valves & motion control devices, corrode air motors, and contaminate finished products.

As your Deltech Filter distributor, Wild Rows reduces maintenance and repair costs by helping you find the right filter for your equipment.

Popular Deltech Filters for Your Business

With the right filters, you can provide the ultimate protection for all the machinery in your operation. Some of the most popular Deltech Filters include:

DF Series Filters

DF Series Filters offer a user-friendly design that you can integrate into nearly all mining applications. You can select from 7 Grades of filters to match your quality requirements. The DF Series Filter removes contaminants and particles from your air system. It can reduce pressure loss and keep the air flowing through the system without damaging the components.

The DF Series features adjustable, easy-to-read gauges, easy filter replacement, modular housing, pressure monitor, and internal automatic drain. You have everything you need for a complete filtration system.

810 Series Filters

With the 810 Series Filters, you can incorporate all filtration into a single housing. A single filter is more compact, saves energy, and requires less maintenance. A single housing provides particle filtration to 0.01 micron and droplet filtration to 0.001.

The airflow design of a single housing unit allows for easier airflow and extends the life of the element. Air enters the filter and removes bulk water and particles through centrifugal separation.

ME Series Mist Eliminators

The 0.5 psig wetted pressure drop of the ME Series Mist Eliminator makes it a top pick for mining companies and auditors. If you want to reduce the amount of air compressor power you need to stabilize air pressure throughout the plant, the ME Series provides the best solution.

It flows from 125 through 3,000 scfm and has a 10-year element life. The filter removes 99.95 percent of particles and liquids to 0.1 micron and droplets to 0.5 ppm. It also has built-in flood protection that protects the inside of the filter.

Deltech Color Change Filtration

The original Deltech Filter designed in 1961 still sets the standard for filtration today. The 100 Series Filters contain a 3-stage filtration that can be used in almost all applications. The polymeric resin granules turn red when the filter is saturated with oil. You can also easily view the filter through the transparent tubular housing.

The 100 Series filters out 99.99 percent of lubricant, water, and air particles. It has a low initial pressure drop of 2 to 3 psi. The average lifespan of a filter typically lasts two to five months.

Contact Your Leading Deltech Filter Distributor

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