When it comes to finding a preferred source for Gardner Denver pumps, Wild Rows offers the top products on the market today. Gardner Denver combines innovation and craftsmanship to deliver superior pumps for all applications. Whether you are in manufacturing, mining, forestry, oil, or other industry, you can depend on Wild Rows and Gardner Denver to keep your business moving.

Our seasoned staff will help you choose the right pumps that boost productivity and protect your equipment. We also back up our inventory with ongoing maintenance and repair service. We can arrive on-site or restore your equipment in our fully-equipped and spacious facility.

Our Complete Line of Gardner Denver Pumps

Gardner Denver offers premier pumps that work in all environments and for numerous types of machinery. Top picks include:

Mud Pumps

Mud pumps circulate drilling mud down hole during your operation. Drilling mud is pumped down hole at pressures up to 7500 PSI through a drill string. During drilling the pumped mud cools the drill bit and cleans out the well bore of drill cuttings. Mud pumps also provide hydrostatic pressure to block fluids from the well bore.

Frac Pumps

A frac pump assists in fracking liquid to inject it into rock formations. A high-pressure, high-volume pump can extract natural and oil and gas from the rock formation. If you are working in a complex geological environment, The Gardner Denver Frac Pump is perfect for penetrating the surface.

Well Service Pumps

Do you need a powerful but lightweight solution for offshore applications? Well service pumps offer versatility to be used in skid or truck-mounted configurations. The connecting rod assembly gives you maximum thrust and stability with fluid end options. It can also handle the harshest environments and applications, where you may need the strongest pumps to perform under extremely high pressures.

Production & Industrial Pumps

One of the most vital pumps in production and industrial settings is a duplex steam pump. Gardner Denver offers a complete line of FX reciprocating, double-acting, duplex industrial pumps. You can choose from an array of piston sizes and liners, as well as fittings. You can use these types of pumps for a broad spectrum of oil, mine, and chemical applications.

Develop a Preventative Maintenance Routine

To keep your Gardner Denver pumps in excellent working condition, it is important to schedule ongoing preventative maintenance. By developing a routine, we can keep you on track with maintenance so that you don’t have to remember every time it is due. We simply notify you of the need for maintenance and perform the work.

The primary goal of a preventative maintenance plan is to keep your pumps and other equipment running smoothly throughout your operation. Heavy repairs and replacement can be costly, time-consuming, and eat into your profits. Maintenance helps you avoid these disasters. We can keep your equipment running round the clock with little to no interruption in your operation.

Preventative Maintenance from Wild Rows is also convenient. We have a team of over 30 journeyman technicians in six locations across Western Canada. So, if you have an emergency and need someone to respond fast, we can arrive on-site with all the tools and parts ready to fix the problem. If you need more intensive work on your pumps, we can fix them at our in-house location.

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