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Desiccant Dryer Packages

Eagle Desiccant Dryer Packages At Wild Rows

Are you in need of reliable dryer solutions that adequately remove moisture from your pump and compression systems? Wild Rows is Western Canada’s leading supplier of quality solutions from many of the top names in the business, including Eagle Pump & Compressor. With over 23 years assisting customers that span a wide range of industries across our six locations in Lloydminster, Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Kindersley, Wainwright and Slave Lake, Wild Rows is proud to be a provider of full-scale solutions including product packages, in-house and mobile repair services, rentals, and more.


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At Wild Rows, we know how valuable it is to have regular access to the parts and system components you need, without costly delays or interruptions. As an authorized dealer and service provider for brands like Eagle Pump & Compressor, NOV, Gardner Denver, FLSmidth and more, our team maintains a robust stock of in-demand components and offers cost-effective packages that allow you to source the parts you need with optimal convenience.


Eagle Screw Desiccant Dryers At Wild Rows

Known for exceptional quality and performance, Eagle Pump & Compressor is one of the world’s most trusted producers when it comes to system components that stand the test of time. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Eagle’s range of products are crafted to withstand the tough conditions presented by the Canadian landscape. With over 80 years of experience under their belt, it’s no surprise that Eagle’s solutions are sought after by the biggest names in the industry across the globe.

Among Eagle’s inventory is their EADR Series Air Dryer. The EADR series offers substantial benefits over other desiccant dryer models, replacing multiple-valve airflow switching valves with subtle valves. This results in a high-performance dryer that is able to provide continuous service with lower maintenance needs. Additional benefits of the EADR series include:

  • Up to three years of continuous operation without the worry of wear and failure.
  • Airflow continues even when electricity is cut off.
  • Reliable to standard -40°F pressure dew point.
  • Absorption capacity, regeneration energy and mechanical strength are tailored to the application’s needs with the advanced valve design ensures desiccant protection.
  • Optimal moisture absorption is guaranteed by a controlled contact time of at least 5 seconds.
  • Low air velocity minimizes dusting and fluidization of the desiccant, resulting in longer desiccant life. Similarly, pressure shock is prevented by slow pressurization at the airflow switchover.
  • And many more!

Discover The EADR Series Dryer And More At Wild Rows

Wild Rows is Western Canada’s leading choice for Eagle Pump & Compressor products, as well as all your pump and compression needs. In addition to a large inventory, our team offers 24/7 mobile repair service, routine maintenance support, and rental services. Contact our team today to find out how we can help you with your pump and compression needs


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